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Please take a moment and answer as many of the questions as you can. This will help us get an understanding of what you are looking for and what you need from your website.

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WEBSITE STYLE: (conservative, corporate, retro, kids, flashy/graphical, Fortune 500, futuristic, mainstream, fun, sports, personal, games, educational, photography, clean & simple, hip and trendy, etc.)?

WEBSITE COLORS AND FONTS : Please choose colors you'd like to use for the website. The background color, text color, fonts: Times New Roman, Arial, etc.

WEBSITE NAME: If you do not already have a website name (i.e. choose the name you'd like to use and four alternative names.

We'll search and let you know which names are available and if none are available we'll help you find a suitable alternative.

EMAIL ADDRESSES: List the e-mail addresses you'd like to use.


We can also forward your new email addresses to your existing email addresses. If you need this put down the new email address and what email address it needs to forward to.

Examples: to

BUSINESS SLOGAN: Do you have a business slogan or catch phrase? If so, what is it?

BUSINESS LOGO: Do you have a business logo? Yes No

If you do no have a logo and would like, our partner, Logo Design, can create one for you for as low as $149.

Great logo Design - $149

WEBSITE DESCRIPTION: Write a brief description of your business to be displayed and used in search engine submissions.

Describe what your business offers, your customers, and a reason your business should be considered.

WEBSITE NAVIGATION & MENUS: Describe the navigation system of a typical page. Typically major topics are in a horizontal graphic at the top. Sub page menus are positioned on a vertical menu bar on the left side. Typically there is a text-based trailer navigation bar at the bottom of each page.

CONTACT INFORMATION: What are all the different ways visitors can contact you?

Examples: telephone, cell phone, fax, pager, email

HOURS OF OPERATION: List hours of operation, time zone (PST, EST) and days closed.

WEBSITE KEYWORDS: List up to 30 keywords that someone might type in a search engine to find your business. Keywords should be both specific and general.

WEBSITES I LIKE: List below websites you like and why? Is it the color, content, format, etc?

COMPETITOR WEBSITES: List some of your competitors' and their websites.

We will use this as a guide on what needs to be done to your website to make stand out.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Are there any special requirements your website needs we have not already covered?

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