What You Need To Do To Get Your Own Custom Website

Websites For Everyone Else wants to thank you for taking the first step and letting us help you  in moving your business forward and increase your revenue by getting your own small business website.

Step One: The starting point for your custom website is understanding and accepting the the terms and conditions for renting a website from Websites For Everyone Else.


Step Two: The next step for your custom website is for you to think about what you want your website to look like and your goals for the website. We have developed a questionnaire to help you with this.


Step Three: Once we receive your questionnaire, we will contact you by e-mail or phone so that we can evaluate and discuss your project with you. We will establish what the main objectives are for your website, the overall size of the project, and what your set up fee will be as well as the monthly rental charge fee will be. In most cases, your set up charge will be $149.95 and the monthly charge will be $24.95 a month.

Step Four: After our initial consultation, we will email you the Website Rental Agreement for you to sign and an invoice for the initial set up charge. Once the agreement and payment are received Websites For Everyone Else will assign a web designer to begin working on your website.

Call (210) 650-2221 today if you have questions.