WordPress Silver Support Plan - $149/month

Thank you for your interest in our WordPress Silver Support Plan.

Before setting up your WordPress Support Account. Our first step is to log into your website admin and perform a free audit before you spend a dime. We will look out for potential problems and conflicts so that they can be addressed up front. In some cases, websites may not have been updated in months and may require some major fixes before upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and all the applicable plugins. If that is the case, we will provide you an estimate to get things fixed up before beginning with your Support Plan. You will need to set us up with a website administrator account.

  1. In your WordPress Dashboard, go to: Users > Add New.
  2. Enter a username* (use  clientsupport)
  3. Enter an email address (use clientsupport@websitesforeveryoneelse.com – Note: This email address can be accessed through our system so we can reset the password if necessary.
  4. Make note of the password generated by WordPress, and send it to us at clientsupport@websitesforeveryoneelse.com. We can reset the password if necessary, but it’s safer if you share it using QuickForget.com.
  5. Ensure that the Role is set to Administrator.
  6. Select Add New User.

Once we complete our audit we will contact you to set up a time we can discuss the audit with you. We will detail the issues and why they need to be fixed.

We'll also discuss your needs and verify the WordPress Silver Support Plan meets your needs.

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