About Us

Websites For Everyone Else does things differently by focusing on doing what we do best.

Small business website design, hosting, and search engine optimization are all we do. 

While giving you the best customer experience along the way.

The Website Designer You Need

Based in Austin, Texas, John Nowinsky founded Websites For Everyone Else. John has been building websites since the internet first came along. Websites For Everyone Else provides professional business web design, hosting, and SEO for small businesses. Websites For Everyone Else is the web design company for all small businesses.

Adapting to New Technology for Small Business Web Design

Websites For Everyone Else utilizes WordPress for small business web design. This platform provides for faster development. It also incorporates the latest technology for responsive web design. One of the key advantages of WordPress lies in it’s plugin technology. The result is a platform that allows small businesses to add features at a fraction the traditional cost.

Why Websites For Everyone Else for Small Web Design?

Websites For Everyone Else is different from other web design companies in several ways:

John Nowinsky has been building websites since the internet first came along. Other companies may have owners with similar experience and expertise but at Websites For Everyone Else, the guy you talk to is the guy that will build, tune and maintain your website. We don’t outsource your website to cheap labor overseas or junior developers.

Websites For Everyone Else is selective about which projects we take on. We specialize in serving small to medium businesses. These are businesses that typically don’t have an IT department. They need a support company that knows them by name and can respond. Finally, they need an affordable company that genuinely wants to help them grow their business.

Websites For Everyone Else takes great pride in helping small businesses succeed on the web. Many small businesses can’t afford full SEO with content writers, marketing campaigns and such. We won’t let that stop us from helping them be successful. Websites For Everyone Else can design them great websites and help them rank on the search engines affordably.

Getting Started

If you already have a website we like to begin with a complimentary website evaluation. If you don’t, we want to learn what your requirements are. This can be done by scheduling a no obligation consultation.

About Us - John Nowinsky - Websites For Everyone Else
John Nowinsky

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